“In the Garden of England dead moles lie inside their holes”, wrote Robert Wyatt in 1972. What would Uncle Robert make of us now? The music scene in Kent is once again bursting with energy: great new bands, amazing venues, state-of-the-art recording facilities… Enter Painted Halo, a brand new record label, a conduit for the best artists in the modern scene. Painted Halo seeks to project acts with grace and power to national and international exposure through physical and digital releases, distribution and promotion.

No regurgitated blues riffs, no X-Factor wannabees, we seek music that exists as a necessity for the Artist, that will leave listeners wondering how they have done without it this far. In return, Painted Halo promises our undying commitment to make the fruits of your labour heard as widely as possible.

Come find us. We’re waiting for you.


Use the Contact Us page to reach out for any questions or to submit demos - we are looking to sign more artists now.

Painted Halo will offer a fair deal to all its Artists, and all profits will be re-invested in the label.

Our Privacy Policy is here.