XS Noize and Painted Halo Records  are proud to announce the re-launch of the XS Unsigned feature on the XS Noize site.

XS Unsigned is a monthly showcase of emerging and unsigned Artists from around the globe. The feature has been running successfully since 2015 and is now returning to XS Noize after a brief hiatus, re-iterating XS Noize’s commitment to act as a platform for fresh talent in the music world. The partnership with Painted Halo, a brand new non-profit record label with a similar aim to support emerging acts, strengthens the scope of the feature by providing new Artists with a potential release outlet. Submissions from Artists are invited via this link.


Showcased acts will be jointly hand-picked by XS Noize founder Mark Millar and Painted Halo director Ivan Marziano, with Painted Halo also committing to up to four releases per year cherry-picked from submissions.

Initial conversations started out of Ivan’s admiration for XS Noize’s commitment to new music, and many phone calls later it became obvious that a partnership was the only natural outlet given the synergies between the two parties. “The music industry is constantly and dramatically changing, and it can be overwhelming for new Artists to navigate their way through the myriad of different deals and distribution platforms”, says Painted Halo’s director. “The danger then becomes that stunning new voices miss their chance to be heard – something I have seen happening time and time again.  We hope to prevent this from happening through our partnership in XS Unsigned by providing both exposure to a sizable audience, and the option to sign a fair deal with an Artist-friendly label.”

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